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Salmon Project

Simple Machines
Interactive science and engineering for 9 - 11 year olds.
This site has many interactive online science games as well as other interactive science activities. Much of the curriculum is covered!
Many online science activities.....worth taking a look at!
Use this link to access many activities directly related to what you are learning in school!
the more you know, the more you know!® The site features Science, Math, English, Health and Technology topics that correspond to National Science, English and Math Standards for 3-8 grades. Each subject contains a 2-4 minute Animated Movie, an Interactive Quiz, an Experiment, a Comic Strip, a How-to hands on application, a Timeline and a print-able Activity Page.






Online whale activities.
Listen to whale sounds!  


Search for bird by entering name, description, key words. All About Birds, Cornell Lab of Ornithology.
National Audubon Society


You'll find many penguin activities here.
Free elementary science activities
Take a tour of the Smithsonian National Zoo.
Much information here about mammals!
The official site of the Animal Planet TV show.
Facts and pictures for hundreds of species of mammals, insects, reptiles, fish, birds, and amphibians!
Bring nature to your computer by exploring info and photos of almost any North American plant or animal. Check out diverse habitats, get tips from Audubon experts, and more!
Animal adaptations project
Creature World.....use with Animal Adaptations activity


Build an online habitat!
Play the habitats game.
Animal homes
Mix 'n Match  


The Brain
A whole list of brain things to read and do!
This is from the above link...The lobes of the brain...a coloring activity and online quiz   

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An on line exhibit that teaches all about electricity.
This site lists several resources and activities pertaining to electricity.
You'll find many electricity activities here!
Current Affairs. Explore the conductivity of everyday objects.

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Explore large structures and what it takes to build them with BUILDING BIG™, a five-part PBS television series and Web site from WGBH Boston.
Here are the main features of the site:

Bridges, Domes, Skyscrapers, Dams, and Tunnels.

The Labs
Try your hand at our interactive engineering labs.

The Challenges
Take on the challenges of building big.

Wonders of the World Databank
Explore our databank of big structures.

Local Wonders
Investigate big structures near you.

Who Builds Big?
Find out what's cool about being an engineer.

About the Series
Learn more about the shows, and see a chat with David Macaulay.
Educators' Guide

How to use the Web site, with hands-on activities.
You’ll find many resources here for both students and teachers to celebrate National Engineers Week.
A site for kids…Included you’ll find the following:

About Engineers
Cool Stuff
Idea Center
Downloads……with video clips
Links…several activities can be found here
Many online science activities offered by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.
“Where to go for K – 12 engineering education.”
You’ll find many links and resources for both students and educators. There’s also a free monthly e-newsletter that explores how teachers can make mathematics and science “come alive” for students. Quite an extensive web site.
A list of engineering activities for kids from the Zoom site. Some of the games also involve engineering concepts.

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Consumers, Producers, and Decomposers
Organisms: Producers, Consumers, Decomposers

eMints Description: What is a producer, consumer, and decomposer? These are sites about these different kinds of organisms and how they interrelate to one another in food chains and food webs. There are experiments, games, other interactive features, and suggested classroom activities. Included is an eThemes resource on food chains and food webs.
Fun with food chains.
Food Chains: Prey and Predators. Online activities and information.
The Adventures of Herman the Worm! Earthworms are the Kings of Decomposers. In this fun site all about worms, students can explore the links to discover the parts of a worm, where worms originated from, and what worms eat. Includes an interactive quiz on a worm's anatomy and the food worms eat. On the home page, click on "Teacher's Bin" and find out how you can request a poster of Herman.



See what you know about teeth. Take a 20 question quiz The Five Senses
Watch a multimedia slide show all about teeth.
The Five Senses!  

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Discover the secrets of everyday stuff!
The Case of the Missing Matter: An investigation into matter
Bubbling over with fun ways to learn, this site explores the basics of Chemistry. Compare the properties of solids, liquids and gases. Find out more about the elements that make up our world with simple and fun experiments. Visit Chemistry!
Matter and States of Matter: This section covers states of matter from solids and liquids to gases and plasmas. We also have information on solutions and mixtures. This is the place to start.
Elements list
Interactive periodic table
Interactive periodic table
Welcome to Matter
What am I ? Worksheet

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Space and Earth








Inner Planets of the Solar System
Astronomy just for kids

Phases of the Moon
It's Just a Phase! Uncover what causes the phases of the moon.
Information and activities about the phases of the moon.
Lunar Cycle Challenge! Drag the moons to the correct place in the lunar cycle.
Earth and Space: Great activities for moon phases.
Planets, moons and their dark sides....many activities here also for whiteboards and individual use.


What Makes Earth Special? How is Earth like other planets in our solar system?
How is it different?

Use the links on the Resources page to gather information about Earth and another planet in our solar system. Compare and contrast that planet with Earth. How is Earth like your planet? How is it different? When your research is complete, create a Kid Pix slide show. Present your slide show to your classmates and other students.

A research worksheet and rough draft sheets for the slide show are available, as well as a rubric.
A Travel Guide to the Solar System. Use this as a resource for you KidPix slideshow! This has much information about the planets, constellations, and the solar system as well as games and activities.
Take off for fun and adventure with Arty, the part-time astronaut. Nice animation guides you through this site as you learn about our solar system, and play online games and activities. Includes a printable teacher's guide for use at home or in the classroom.
A NASA site dedicated to kids of all ages! Learn about space, rockets, and astronauts, color pictures, play games, look at space art, and read stories by other kids.
Welcome to Windows to the Universe! Our purpose is to develop a fun and different Web site about the Earth and Space sciences. Windows to the Universe is graphics intensive!
Zoom Astronomy is a comprehensive on-line site about space and astronomy. You'll find lots of information about the planets and the solar system as well as classroom activities and fun things to do.
Amazing explorations
Starchild: A learning center for young astronomers.
Multidisciplinary Activities on the Solar System
Small Planet's exploration of our solar system. You'll use the internet to find out more about our solar system.
Information and activities about the planets.


Learn about the constellations then identify the constellation from a picture and some background information, in this game with different difficulty levels.From  

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 virtual tour of the rainforest....a great slideshow.
Welcome to the Rainforest Action Network Kid's Corner...Kid's taking action for rainforests.
All about rainforests.
At this site you'll find much information about animals of the rainforest and many links.
Search results from Yahooligans with many links.  

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Rocks and Minerals
Welcome Rock Hounds!!! You are going on a scavenger hunt looking for rocks and minerals. The following websites will help you to find what you're looking for. Enjoy your adventure!!!!
ROCKS - In this unit children will find out about the three different groups of rocks and look at what different types of rocks are used for. This includes a pretest, online lesson, and whiteboard lesson.
Rock Hounds! Get your hard hats on and let's go digging for some fun and facts!
Click here to play a movie about the rock cycle. There are also other movies about rocks.
This Planet Really Rocks: All About Rocks and Minerals
Interactive whiteboard activities and worksheets



Information about volcanoes
Virtual volcanoes
Volcanoes on Video. Explore footage of volcanoes from Ecuador to Alaska.
Kids Door...information, games, activities about volcanoes.
Volcano'll find entire lessons here!    

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Salmon Project


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Simple Machines
Edheads helps students learn through educational games and activities designed to meet state and national standards. We partner with various school systems in the United States, which help us research, design and test our activities every step of the way
Simple and complex machines: a web quest. You'll find worksheets here that accompany the Edheads website.
Stuart Little and Simple Machines



NASA Sci Files: Many hands on activities about Sound can be found here.
Here you'll find 3 sites to help you learn about sound.
Take this 5th grade science of sound quiz!
A quia quiz about sound...20 questions
Study about sound here!
Make a note! Experiment with sound.



Weather Sayings
WeatherBug Achieve!
Weather Folklore and lots of information about weather
Weather proverbs explained
Weather Folklore...Fact or Fiction?

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