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PRIDE IN AND CARE OF PERSONAL & SCHOOL PROPERTY: The Varnum Brook School Community encourages children to take pride in their classrooms as well as in the entire school facility, both inside and out. To this effect, children are held accountable for damage done to school property and to books and other materials issued to them. We also hope to teach them to respect their own personal belongings as well as their classmates’ belongings.

Only teacher approved learning devices (such as calculators) are permitted on school property. Listening or recording devices of any sort (cameras, phones, radios, CDs, etc.) and communication devices of any sort (tapes, cell phones, pagers, etc.) are prohibited during the school day. Unauthorized used of items will result in confiscation and, upon the first offense, the item in question may be returned to the child at the end of the school day. A second offense will result in confiscation and will only be released to the student's parent/guardian.

LOST AND FOUND: Most found articles (clothing, lunch boxes, etc.) are placed in a box or hung in the Varnum Brook cafeteria. Valuables such as watches and money are kept in the central administration office. Any found items not claimed by the end of a given school year will be donated to local charities. Children are urged not to bring large amounts of money or any unnecessary items to school. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD’S BELONGINGS ARE MARKED WITH HIS/HER NAME! All black snow pants tend to look alike…

LOCKER GUIDELINES: Each child will be assigned a locker during the opening of each school year. None of the lockers will have locks, and children are not permitted to put their own locks on. No child is allowed to open another child’s locker or to take anything out of the locker without permission from the other child. Each locker must be kept neat and clean at all times. Writing on the outside or inside of lockers is not permissible. No stickers, glued or pasted items should be attached to lockers, either inside or out. Food is not to be stored in lockers for extended periods of time. Lockers are only to be used to store articles of clothing, books, writing materials, and other educational materials. Aerosol cans are prohibited because of flammable contents.

BICYCLES / SKATEBOARDS / ROLLERBLADES: Children riding bicycles to and from school must park and lock them only in designated areas (there are bike racks located near the school playground). Skateboards/rollerblades are prohibited on school grounds. Skateboarding, rollerblading, or bicycling in front of the school’s entrances is prohibited at all times. Other than using the bike as a means of transportation to and from school, bicycling is not allowed on school property during school office hours, 8AM to 4PM.

Please remember - Everyone age 16 and younger is required by law to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle.


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